• Nights on Prose Mountain by bp Nichol and Derek Beaulieu
Review Fiction

  • The Madrigal by Dian Day
  • The Year of My Disappearance by Carole David
  • Short Histories of Light by Aidan Chafe

  • Zara’s Dead by Sharon Butala
  • Oldness; or, the Last-Ditch Efforts of Marcus O by Brett Josef Grubisic
Review Fiction

  • The Small Things that End the World by Jeanette Lynes
  • Provoked by Gilgamesh: The Search for a Way Around Death by Gilmour Walker
Review Fiction

  • Obits by Tess Liem
  • The Supreme Orchestra by David Turgeon and Pablo Strauss
  • Not Extinct by Marilyn James, Taress Alexis and Tyler Toews

  • Y: Oppenheimer, Horseman of Los Alamos by Aaron Tucker
  • Dazzle Patterns by Alison Watt
Review Fiction

  • Sans Terre by Marie-Eve Sevigny
  • La disparition de Kat Vandale by Christian Giguère

  • Trompeuses lumières by Michel Ouellette
  • Sous le soleil de midi by Aurélie Resch

  • Cartographie des vivants by Sarah Brunet Dragon
  • Les foires du Pacifique ou Les péripéties d’un guide expulsé du marché by Daniel Castillo Durante

  • Suzanne by Anaïs Barbeau-Lavalette and Rhonda Mullins
  • Madame Victoria by Catherine Leroux
Review Fiction