• The Opening Act: Canadian Theatre History 1945-53 by Susan McNicoll

  • Tu seras journaliste : et autres œuvres sur le journalisme by Germaine Guèvremont

  • The Small Room at the Top of the Stairs/Thinking of Yu by Carole Fréchette
  • Penny Plain by Ronnie Burkett
  • Maggie and Pierre & The Duchess by Linda Griffiths

  • Tout bouge autour de moi by Dany Laferrière
Review Journalism

  • Champagne and Meatballs by Bert Whyte and Larry Hannant
  • Seeing Reds by Daniel Francis

  • The New Media Nation: Indigenous Peoples and Global Communication by Valerie Alia
  • When the Other is Me: Native Resistance Discourse 1850-1990 by Emma LaRocque

  • Word Carving by Moira Farr and Ian Pearson