• The Madrigal by Dian Day
  • The Year of My Disappearance by Carole David
  • Short Histories of Light by Aidan Chafe

  • Blueberries and Apricots by Natasha Kanapé Fontaine
  • Fox Haunts by Penn Kemp
Review Poetry

  • Obits by Tess Liem
  • The Supreme Orchestra by David Turgeon and Pablo Strauss
  • Not Extinct by Marilyn James, Taress Alexis and Tyler Toews

  • What Your Hands Have Done by Chris Bailey
  • The Book of Sensations by Sheri-D Wilson
Review Poetry

  • Songen by Patrick Friesen
  • About Some End / West Broadway by George Bowering and George Stanley
  • Bad Engine by Michael Dennis
Review Poetry

  • GUSH: Menstrual Manifestos for Our Times by Rosanna Deerchild, Ariel Gordon and Tanis MacDonald
Review Poetry

  • SKY WRI TEI NGS by Nasser Hussain
  • Port of Being by Shazia Hafiz Ramji
  • The Blue Clerk by Dionne Brand
Review Poetry

  • The Hardness of Matter and Water by Pierre Nepveu and Donald Winkler
  • Ship of Gold: The Essential Poems of Émile Nelligan by Émile Nelligan and Marc di Saverio
Review Poetry

  • Elemental by Kate Braid
  • Slinky Naive by Caroline Szpak
Review Poetry

  • The Least You Can Do Is Be Magnificent: Selected and New Writings by Steve Venright
Review Poetry