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Recovering Popular Fiction
By Andrea Cabajsky
Published in Canadian Literature 185 (Summer 2005): 146-148.
  • Quietly My Captain Waits by Evelyn Eaton
  • The Night Hawk by Alice Jones
  • With Wolfe in Canada by G. A. Henty
Shapes of Historiography
By Andrea Cabajsky
Published in Nature / Culture. Spec. issue of Canadian Literature 170-171 (Autumn/Winter 2001): 220-222.
  • Whiteness of a Different Color: European Immigrants and the Alchemy of Race by Matthew Frye Jacobson
  • The Gender of History: Men, Women,and Historical Practice by Bonnie G. Smith
From Colony to Nation? Canada Revised
By Andrea Cabajsky
Published in Canadian Literature 169 (Summer 2001): 141-144.
  • Worrying the Nation: Imagining a National Literature in English Canada by Jon Kertzer
  • Practising Femininity: Domestic Realism and the Performance of Gender in Early Canadian Fiction by Misao Dean
  • Imperial Canada: 1867-1917 by Colin M. Coates (Editor)

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