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Contrasting New Worlds
By Denyse Lynde
Published in web format on Canadian Literature‘s website. (Pending print publication.)
  • The Art of Building a Bunker by Adam Lazarus and Guillermo Verdecchia
  • The Virgin Trial by Kate Hennig
2011: A Retrospect
By Denyse Lynde
Published in Agency & Affect. Spec. issue of Canadian Literature 223 (Winter 2014): 131-32.
  • Tom at the Farm by Michel Marc Bouchard
  • Oil and Water by Robert Chafe
  • Five @ Fifty by Brad Fraser
The Past Revised
By Denyse Lynde
Published in Canadian Literature 216 (Spring 2013): 178-179.
  • Bingo! by Daniel MacIvor
  • Lenin's Embalmers by Vern Thiessen
  • Living Curiosities or What You Will by Mary Vingoe

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