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Mapping Performance Studies
By Kailin Wright
Published in web format on Canadian Literature‘s website. (Pending print publication.)
  • Performance Studies in Canada by Laura Levin (Editor) and Marlis Schweitzer (Editor)
Casting a Reflexive Light on Theatre
By Kailin Wright
Published in Canadian Literature 212 (Spring 2012): 150-152.
  • Design and Scenography by Natalie Rewa
  • Theatre Histories by Alan Filewood (Author)
New Translations for a New Body of Women’s Writing
By Kailin Wright
Published in Gendering the Archive. Spec. issue of Canadian Literature 217 (Summer 2013): 156-58.
  • Anthology of Québec Women’s Plays in English Translation: Volume III (1997-2009) by Louise H. Forsyth

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