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Current Issue: #223 Agency & Affect (Winter 2014)

Canadian Literature's Issue 223 (Winter 2014), Agency & Affect, is now available. The issue features articles by Ranbir K. Banwait, Paul Huebener, Lisa Marchi, Veronica Austen, and Andrea Beverley, as well as an interview with Laurence Hill by Kerry Lappin-Fortin, along with new Canadian poetry and book reviews.

The CanLit Poets will no longer be updated as the project has been completed. The content will remain online and we hope to further develop this project in the future.

Welcome to CanLit Poets!

CanLit Poets is a freely available, ongoing, online archive geared towards motivating the next generation of Canadian poets. The poems in this archive have all been published in the pages of Canadian Literature, and the response questions have been answered by the poet themselves.

Featured CanLit Poet

Dave Margoshes

Dave Margoshes is a Regina poet and fiction writer. He's published a dozen books, including three volumes of poetry, the most recent being Purity of Absence, in 2001, from Beach Holme Press. Earlier books were Walking at Brighton (Thistledown) and Northwest Passage (Oberon). A new book of poetry, The Horse Knows the Way, is appearing in fall 2009 from Buschek Books. His last book, Bix's Trumpet and Other Stories, won two prizes at the 2007 Saskatchewan Book Awards, including Book of the Year. He's won a number of other writing awards, including the Stephen Leacock Prize for Poetry and second prize in the League of Canadian Poets' National Poetry Contest. He's a past vice president of the League of Canadian Poets.

CanLit Poems by Dave Margoshes
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