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Current Issue: #221 Science & Canadian Literature (Summer 2014)

Canadian Literature’s Issue 221 (Summer 2014) is now available. This special issue focuses on science and Canadian literature and features a wide range of articles and book reviews as well as a selection of new Canadian poetry.

The CanLit Poets will no longer be updated as the project has been completed. The content will remain online and we hope to further develop this project in the future.

Welcome to CanLit Poets!

CanLit Poets is a freely available, ongoing, online archive geared towards motivating the next generation of Canadian poets. The poems in this archive have all been published in the pages of Canadian Literature, and the response questions have been answered by the poet themselves.

Featured CanLit Poet

Robert Kroetsch

I grew up on a farm in central Alberta and attended the University of Alberta. I worked in the North for six years, then went to graduate school in the US for another six. By the time I was in my thirties I was ready for serious writing. Since then I've published nine novels and numerous books of poetry, essays, a travel book, a journal. I forget what else. I worked for 34 years as a professor, half that time in Upstate New York, the other half in Manitoba. I received the Governor General's Award for my 1969 novel, The Studhorse Man. In 2004 I received the Order of Canada. I have a book of poems coming out next spring with the University of Alberta Press. The title is Too Bad: Sketches Toward a Self-Portrait.

CanLit Poems by Robert Kroetsch
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