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Current Issue: #219 Contested Migrations (Winter 2013)

Canadian Literature’s Issue 219 (Winter 2013) is now available. The issue features articles by Vinh Nguyen, Miriam Pirbhai, Rachel Bower, and others, as well as new poetry & book reviews.

The CanLit Poets will no longer be updated as the project has been completed. The content will remain online and we hope to further develop this project in the future.

Welcome to CanLit Poets!

CanLit Poets is a freely available, ongoing, online archive geared towards motivating the next generation of Canadian poets. The poems in this archive have all been published in the pages of Canadian Literature, and the response questions have been answered by the poet themselves.

Featured CanLit Poet

M. Travis Lane

Poetry prizes won by M. Travis Lane include the Mary Harding Baylor Prize 1952, Northern Light 1975, the Pat Lowther Memorial Award 1980, Arc 1982, Fiddlehead 1991, New Brunswick Writers’ Federation 1994, Amethyst Review 1997, the Atlantic Poetry Prize 2001, the Alden Nowlan Prize for Excellence 2003, and the Banff Centre Bliss Carmen Poetry Award 2006. She is included in The Dictionary of Literary Biography: Canadian Writers Since 1960, ed. by W. H. New, and is listed in both the New Brunswick Library Encyclopedia and Atlantic Canadian Poets’s Archive. Her work is included in over two dozen anthologies. She is a Lifetime Member of the League of Canadian Poets and Honorary President of The Writers Federation of New Brunswick.

Books by M. Travis Lane

  • An Inch or So of Garden, 1969
  • Poems 1968 – 1972, 1973
  • Homecomings, 1977
  • Divinations and shorter poems, 1980
  • Reckonings Poems 1979 – 1985, 1988
  • Solid Things, New and Selected, 1989
  • Temporary Shelter, 1993
  • Night Physics, 1994
  • Keeping Afloat, 2001
  • Touch Earth, 2006
  • The Crisp Day Closing on My Hand (SELECTED), 2007
  • The All-Nighter’s Radio, 2010
  • The Book of Widows, 2010
  • Ash Steps, 2012
CanLit Poems by M. Travis Lane
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