Comptes rendus

Tale Types

Fictional Patterns. Spec. issue of Canadian Literature 99 (Winter 1983): 160-163.

Book(s) Reviewed

  • Folktales of French Canada by Edith Fowke
  • Folktales of the Canadian Sephardim by Andre E. Elbaz


Predators and Gardens. Spec. issue of Canadian Literature 197 (Summer 2008): 115-116.

Book(s) Reviewed

  • Bossalo by François Barcelo
  • Bonheur Tatol by François Barcelo

Témoignage et réflexion

Prison Writing. Spec. issue of Canadian Literature 208 (Spring 2011): 140-141.

Book(s) Reviewed

  • La transculture et ViceVersa by Lamberto Tassinari (Author), Fulvio Caccia (Author) and Bruno Ramirez (Author)

Témoignages d’existence

Canada and Its Discontents. Spec. issue of Canadian Literature 198 (Autumn 2008): 160-160.

Book(s) Reviewed

  • Dictionnaire des citations littéraires de l'Ontario français depuis 1960 by Mariel O'Neill-Karch and Pierre Paul Karch
  • Arcadian Christmas Traditions by Sally Rossiter and Georges Arsenault

Terres à découvrir

Travel. Spec. issue of Canadian Literature 174 (Autumn 2002): 172-173.

Book(s) Reviewed

  • Mémoire des villages engloutis by Nicole V. Champeau
  • Les aventures extraordinaires d'un coureur des bois by Pierre-Esprit Radisson

Tête ailleurs et désertion

Canadian Literature 184 (Spring 2005): 177-179.

Book(s) Reviewed

  • La tête ailleurs by Hélène Vachon
  • La désertion by Pierre Yergeau

Texte(s) et intertextes

Black Writing in Canada. Spec. issue of Canadian Literature 182 (Autumn 2004): 151-153.

Book(s) Reviewed

  • Amour et pince-monseigneur by François Désalliers
  • Styx by Roger Magini

The Edges of the Forbidden

Littérature francophone hors-Québec / Francophone Writing Outside Quebec. Spec. issue of Canadian Literature 187 (Winter 2005): 114-115.

Book(s) Reviewed

  • The Devil's Paintbrush by Alison Newall and André Brochu
  • The Body's Place by Sheila Fischman and Élise Turcotte (Author)
  • Wild Cat by Jacques Poulin and Sheila Fischman

The English Anne Hébert

New Directions. Spec. issue of Canadian Literature 158 (Autumn 1998): 145-147.

Book(s) Reviewed

  • Aurélien, Clara, Mademoiselle, and the English Lieutenant by Anne Hebert
  • Shaping the Novel by Paul Raymond Côté and Constantina Mitchell

The Point of the Story

Canadian Literature 165 (Summer 2000): 119-120.

Book(s) Reviewed

  • Aphorism in the Francophone Novel of the Twentieth Century by Mark Bell