Literary History Author Spotlight: Jeffrey Aaron Weingarten

Jeffrey Aaron Weingarten is a professor of Liberal Studies at
Fanshawe College in London, Ontario. His research and teaching centre on twentieth-century Canadian literature and media with an emphasis on creative representations
of cultural or personal histories in poetry, fiction, and theatre. His publications include reviews, articles, and interviews in Canadian Poetry, Canadian Literature, and Studies in Canadian Literature, as well as a forthcoming manuscript on the evolution of poetry and historical study since 1960. He is also the co-managing editor and co-founder of The Bull Calf: Reviews of Fiction, Poetry, and Literary Criticism.

Jeffrey is the author of “Revisiting questions i asked my mother in Conversation with Di Brandt.”

Article Abstract:

Reissued in Fall 2015 by Turnstone Press, Di Brandt’s questions i asked my mother explores the ethical, moral, and existential queries of a lyric persona simultaneously youthful and adult, a woman whose perspective constantly oscillates between her footing in the past—surrounded by her family in Reinland, Manitoba—and in the immediate present, at a time when she experiences her distance from those times, places, and people. In its time, these aspects of the text brought Brandt into dialogue with topical issues such as second-wave feminism and Canadian multiculturalism. Thirty years later, Brandt’s sequence retains its power because of that dialogue. This interview with Brandt was conducted in June and July 2015.

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