New Issue: Eclectic Mix #234 (Autumn 2017)

We are pleased to announce the arrival of Canadian Literature, Issue 234 (Autumn 2017), Eclectic Mix! Nicholas Bradley writes in his editorial:

I ponder the notion that at the heart of teaching and learning, and of reading and writing, is a dance between forgetting and remembering. Literary scholarship is shaped in no small part by the limitations of scholars themselves. We aspire to expertise, and bear a professional obligation to know what is not generally known, yet there is always more to read, and our interpretative claims are governed by how little any one of us can remember, let alone truly comprehend. […] The articles in this issue of Canadian Literature are engaged in these
very processes of revisitation, reappraisal, and reckoning. For Kirsten Alm, the poetry of Robert Bringhurst and Tim Lilburn demands recognition of colonial injustices in North America, while for Ben Hickman, the poetry
 of Wayde Compton, Peter Culley, and Meredith Quartermain illustrates 
the complexity of establishing a sense of place in contemporary Vancouver. In order to understand familiar works differently, Robert David Stacey looks again at P. K. Page’s “After Rain,” Margaret Boyce at Martha Ostenso’s Wild Geese, and Donna Pennee at Sara Jeannette Duncan’s The Imperialist. And Carrie Dawson shows how certain stories are misused in service of a comforting national narrative. These studies attest to the surprises that lie in store for attentive readers.

—Nicholas Bradley, “Surprise, Surprise”

This issue also features:

  • Articles by Carrie Dawson, Donna Palmateer Pennee, Robert David Stacey, Ben Hickman, Margaret Boyce, and Kirsten Alm.
  • Poetry by Bola Opaleke, Changming Yuan, dee Hobsbawn-Smith, Rocco de Giacomo, David Eso, and Tom Wayman
  • Reviews by Tania Aguila-Way, Alyssa Arbuckle, Emily Ballantyne, Emily Bednarz, Gregory Betts, Magali Blanc, Myra Bloom, Natalie Boldt, Liza Bolen, Nicholas Bradley, David M. J. Carruthers, Paul Chafe, Lily Cho, Heidi Tiedemann Darroch, Laura K. Davis, Susie DeCoste, Jeff Fedoruk, Graham Nicol Forst, Stephanie Fung, Julian Gunn, Adam Hammond, Benjamin Hertwig, Shaina Humble, Crystal Hurdle, David Johnstone, Dorothy F. Lane, Stephanie L. Lu, Heather Macfarlane, Andrea MacPherson, Krzysztof Majer, Ryan Melsom, Tina Northrup, Neil Querengesser, Michael Roberson, Will Smith, Sylvie Vranckx, Jeffrey Aaron Weingarten, and Lorraine York.

The new issue can be ordered through our online store. Happy reading!