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Cover of issue #221

Current Issue: #221 Science & Canadian Literature (Summer 2014)

Canadian Literature’s Issue 221 (Summer 2014) is now available. This special issue focuses on science and Canadian literature and features a wide range of articles and book reviews as well as a selection of new Canadian poetry.

Current Issue: Queerly Canadian #205 (Summer 2010)

November 16, 2010

Cover of issue 205Canadian Literature's Summer 2010 issue (CL#205), "Queerly Canadian", is now available. The issue features articles on Hiromi Goto, Jane Rule, Queer Comics, and selections of new Canadian poetry & book reviews.

In June 2009 the University of British Columbia's interdisciplinary program "Critical Studies in Sexuality" celebrated the life and work of writer Jane Rule with a conference entitled "Queerly Canadian: Changing Narratives." We might say that Jane Rule exemplifies, in her singularity, those precise tensions and complexities of identification that come together in our organizing idea: Queerly Canadian. Jane Rule chose Canada (see Shilling). Born in New Jersey, she moved to British Columbia in 1956 and made Canada her home. Eight years later, Desert of the Heart was published, a novel that made visible same-sex desire with a surprise ending of happiness rather than the more genre-normative motifs of death or punishment. The positive representation of same-sex desire was unprecedented in Canadian fiction. Indeed, the distinctiveness of the novel was so conspicuous, that, for a time, Rule felt the media portrayed her as "the only lesbian in Canada" ("Jane Rule: B.C. Novelist").

—Janice Stewart, "Queerly Canadian: Introduction"

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