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Current Issue: #222 Recursive Time (Autumn 2014)

Canadian Literature's Issue 222 (Autumn 2014), Recursive Time, is now available. The issue features articles by Hannah McGregor, Aleksandra Bida, Anne Quéma, Nicholas Milne, Jeffrey Aaron Weingarten, and Eric Schmaltz, as well as new Canadian poetry and book reviews.

Three Epigrams

by Allan Brown


D'you hear the one about old Adonai?

Took him six days, even and morn, to make
a world and then on the seventh he fell
asleep, and ol' Snake Eyes rolled it away!


—Do not double tempt, kid,
with your Persiantype niceties;
from science to park
I am established already;
and thence to start in a word
or three of "Here is Where?"
and yes enough
I have know it all and   ready,
known it all, and then a pen
from springaling to summer,
full to winter, parts my fall.


How life is everyfull and then
it isn't as it says in Faust,
which I don't understand, so
I consult my friend the good angel
who consults his parallel text edition
(with critical apparatus) of both
the play and the (other) angel, of course,
but they don't understand it either.

This poem originally appeared in Canadian Literature #197 (Summer 2015), Predators and Gardens. (pg. 41)

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