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Current Issue: #219 Contested Migrations (Winter 2013)

Canadian Literature’s Issue 219 (Winter 2013) is now available. The issue features articles by Vinh Nguyen, Miriam Pirbhai, Rachel Bower, and others, as well as new poetry & book reviews.

Others Aren't Personal

by Tanya Cora

others aren't personal
are they?
the best of friends
least of all
lending a book & clothes & stuff

                                                     but words make a book
                                                     & a book can
                                                     bring it on

does anyone notice
                                                     that books are sunshine

                                                     they make people too
                                                     don't they?

doubt it (then)
many a time
others aren't personal

This poem originally appeared in Canadian Literature #150 (Autumn 2014), Urquhart and Munro. (pg. 43)

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