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Current Issue: #222 Recursive Time (Autumn 2014)

Canadian Literature's Issue 222 (Autumn 2014), Recursive Time, is now available. The issue features articles by Hannah McGregor, Aleksandra Bida, Anne Quéma, Nicholas Milne, Jeffrey Aaron Weingarten, and Eric Schmaltz, as well as new Canadian poetry and book reviews.

What Makes You Feel You Are Suited To This Type Of Employment?

by Michael Londry

Because, despite my appearance, I have the strength of twenty men.

Because all the events and experiences of my life have brought me here, in this
moment, to this place, this colonnaded hall, this mahogany desk.

Because I am a sort of volcano of productivity and success, ready to blow.

Because I am an avid scholar of French Absurdist Theatre of the 1890's—
especially Ubu.

Because I highly value personal freedom and creativity, and dislike any form of
routine or time-pressure.

Because my bones become soft and pliable at the sight of beauty.

Because I understand thoroughly the mechanics of the rise and fall of
civilizations, and have brought my wrench.

Because last night, under the pale light of the first quarter moon, my wife and I
made love in the woods behind the house—first like animals, then slow and sweet.

Because on a clear day I can still see from my balcony the shining towers of
Constantinople rising up from morning mist.

Because I am an enemy of the Regime.

Because there is no antidote to the charm of my smile.

Because I will promise not to woo your daughters.

Because I can sing you to sleep.

This poem originally appeared in Canadian Literature #150 (Autumn 2015), Urquhart and Munro. (pg. 66)

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