CanLit Books

F. G. Paci–Essays on His Works

F.R. Scott

Fabien 1 et Fabien 2

Fables for Isolated Men

Fables from the Women’s Quarters

Fables of Brunswick Avenue

Fables of Identity

Fabrications: Essai sur la fiction et l’histoire

Fabrizio’s Return


Face in the Dark

Face of Leacock

Faces of Love

Facing Facts

Facing History

Facing the Hunter: Reflections on a Misunderstood Way of Life

Facsimiles of Time

Factoring Humanity




Fags, Hags and Queer Sisters

Fair Exotics: Xenophobic Subjects in English Literature, 1720-1850

Fair Liberty’s Call

Fair Play: Conversation with Twelve Woman Playwrights

Faire société

Fairy Ring

Fairy Tales and the Female Imagination

Fairy Tales of Isabella Valancy Crawford

Faith and Fiction

Fall by Fury & Other Makings

Fall By Fury & Other Makings

Fall on Your Knees

Fallen Empires: Lost Theatres of Edmonton, 1881- 1914

Falling from Grace

Falling from Grace

Falling in Love with Hominids

Falling into Place

Falling Together


False Friends

False Shuffles

Familiar Colloquy


Family Album

Family Business

Family Business: Selected Letters between a Father and Son

Family Feelings and Other Poems

Family Matters

Family News

Family without a Name

Famous Indians

Famous Last Words

Famous Players


Fanny Essler


Far as the Eye Can See

Far from Shore

Far From You

Far Off Metal River: Inuit Lands, Settler Stories, and the Making of the Contemporary Arctic


Farewell Tour

Farewell, Babylon

Farm Women on the Prairie Frontier: A Sourcebook for Canada and the United States

Farmer Joe Goes to the City

Farquharson’s Physique

Farther West and New World: Two Plays by John Murrell

Farthing’s Fortunes

Fashion and Its Social Agendas

Fast Living

Fast Times with Fred

Fasting Friar


Fat Woman

Fatal Recurrences

Father August Brabant: Saviour or Scourge?

Father Gabriel’s Cloak

Father Must

Fathers and Heroes


Fau Divorcer!

Fauji Banta Singh and Other Stories


Faux Pas

Faux Pas

Fauxccasional Poems

Fawn Bones

Fearless Warriors

Feathers on the Water


Federalism in Canada and Australia: The Early Years

Feed My Dear Dogs

Feeling the Worlds

Felicity’s Fool

Feminism Now

Feminism without Women

Feminism without Women

Feminisms, A Reader

Feminist Art Criticism: An Anthology