CanLit Books

G. Howard Ferguson: Ontario Tory


Gabriel’s Beach

Gabrielle Provencher, Suffragette

Gabrielle Roy

Gabrielle Roy

Gabrielle Roy

Gabrielle Roy et Margaret Laurence

Gabrielle Roy par elle-même

Gabrielle Roy réécrite

Gabrielle Roy, autobiographe : subjectivité, passions et discours

Gabrielle Roy: A Life

Gabrielle Roy: Creation and Memory

Gaff Topsails



Gaining Ground






Gamblers and Dreamers

Gambolling with the Divine

Game Plan



Garber’s Tales from the Quarter

Garbo Laughs

Garden in the Wind

Garden of Sculpture

Garden Plots: Canadian Women Writers and Their Literary Gardens

Garden Voices

Gardening in the Tropics

Gardens of Vancouver



Garlands That Fade

Garrochés en paradis

Gas Girls

Gaslight Melodrama

Gaslight Melodrama: From Victorian London to 1940s Hollywood

Gaspereau Gloriatur: Liber Beati Anni Decimi. Volume I: Poetry

Gaspereau Gloriatur: Liber Beati Anni Decimi. Volume II: Prose

Gaston Miron

Gaston Miron : La vie d’un homme

Gatekeepers: Reshaping Immigrant Lives in Cold War Canada

Gathering Fire

Gathering What the Great Nature Provided

Gathering Wild

Gatherings Vol. VI

Gatien Lapointe, l’homme en marche

Gay Male Pornography

Gay Male Pornography

Gearing of Love

Gearing of Love: Poems and Photographs


Gemini Summers

Gender and Change in Hong Kong

Gender Conflicts

Gender in African Women’s Writing

Gender on Ice

Gender Trouble

Gender, Language, and Myth

Gendered Interventions

Gendered Memories

Gendered News: Media Coverage and Electoral Politics in Canada

Gendering Government

Gendering the Nation

Gendering the Nation: Canadian Women’s Cinema

General Ludd

General Mud

Generation A

Generation Passeth . . . . Generation Cometh

Genèse de l’oubli

Genius of Place

Genre *Trope* Gender

Genres as Repositories of Cultural Memory

Gentle Sinners

Gentlemen Emigrants: Grom the British Public Schools to the Canadian Frontier

Gentlemen Engineers

Gentlemen-Bishops and Faction Fighters


Geocentrism and the Notion of Originality. Provincial Essays I, No. I (1984)

Geography Match


George Bowering: Bright Circles of Colour

George F. Walker

George Grant

George Grant

George Grant and the Subversion of Modernity

George Grant and the Theology of the Cross: The Christian Foundations of His Thought

George Grant and the Twilight of Justice

George Heriot: Postmaster-Painter of the Canadas

George Johnson’s War

George Ryga

George Ryga

George Woodcock

George-Etienne Cartier

George, Vancouver