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&: A Serial Poem

ökologie und Arkadien: Natur und nordamerikanische Kultur der siebziger Jahre


Spectacle of Empire: Marc Lescarbot’s Theatre of Neptune in New France

Bonheur d’occasion au pluriel: lectures et approches critiques

L’Hiver qui court suivi de La Banlieue du coeur des villes


100 Canadian Heroines

100 Days

100 Great Canadians

100 Poems of Nineteenth Century Canada

100 Years of Anne with an ‘E’

100 Years of Canadian Drawings

100 Years of Critical Solitudes: Canadian and Québécois Criticism from the 1880s to the 1980s

1001 British Columbia Place Names

1212: Year of the Journey

13 Ways of Listening to a Stranger: The Best Stories of Keath Fraser

13 Ways of Looking at a Fat Girl

14 Poems

15 Canadian Poets x 3

15 Seconds

15 Years in Exile

16 Categories of Desire

16 Seconds

178 Secondes

1837: William Lyon Mackenzie and the Canadian Revolution

19 Knives

1902-2002 La Société du parler français au Canada cent ans après sa fondation : mise en valeur d’un patrimoine culturel

1919: The Love Letters of George & Adelaide

1932, la Ville du Nickel



1988: Selected Poems and Texts


2 Guys on Holy Land


23 Skidoo / Subtractions

26 bis, impasse du Colonel Foisy

3 Summers

3,000 Miles

39 Below: The Anthology of Greater Edmonton Poetry

4 Montreal Poets

4 Poets

40 dayz

40 singes-rubis

400 Kilometres


4722 Rue Berri

49th Parallel Psalm

50 Stories and a Piece of Advice

59 Glass Bridges: A Novel

7 Cannons

7 Stories

72 New Canadian Stories

73 New Canadian Stories

74 New Canadian Stories

75: New Canadian Stories

77: Best Canadian Stories

78: Best Canadian Stories


81: Best Canadian Stories

82 Best Canadian Stories

83: Best Canadian Stories by

84 Best Canadian Stories

86 Best Canadian Stories

88 Best Canadian Short Stories

91: Best Canadian Stories

9×11 and other poems like Bird, Nine, x, and Eleven

A (short) history of l

A (short) history of l

A & B & C &

A Bad Day to be Winning

A Bad Year for Journalists

A Baltic Odyssey: War and Survival

A Bare and Impolitic Right: Internment and Ukrainian-Canadian Redress

A Baronial Household of the Thirteenth Century

A Basket of Apples and Other Stories

A Basket of Apples: Recollections of Nova Scotia

A Beach in Maine

A Beach of Strangers

A Beast With Two Backs

A Bed of Red Flowers

A Bibliography of Canadian Folklore in English

A Bibliography of Canadian Theatre History 1583-1975

A Bibliography of Canadiana—First Supplement

A Bibliography of Macmillan of Canada Imprints 1906-1980

A Bibliography of Stephen Leacock