Pottersfield Press

Books Reviewed by Canadian Literature

After Swissair by Budge Wilson
In the Country by Wayne Curtis
The Mi’kmaq Anthology Volume 2: In Celebration of Rita Joe by Lesley Choyce, Theresa Meuse and Julia Swan
Crossing the Line: Canadian Mysteries with a Fantastic Twist by Robert J. Sawyer and David Skene-Melvin
Nicole by Simone Poirier-Bures
Even At This Distance by Ann Knight and W. P. Kinsella
Visions of Kerouac by Ken McGoogan
Woman Talking Woman by Anne Rayner and Maxine Tynes
Blind Date by Susan Kerslake
The Welsher by Peter Thomas
Courage in the Storm by Thomas H. Raddall and Are Gjesdal
Borrowed Beauty by Maxine Tynes
Remembering Summer by Harold Horwood
A Difficult Faith by Richard Lemm