Raincoast Books

Books Reviewed by Canadian Literature

The Sensualist by Barbara Hodgson
The Song Within My Heart by David Bouchard and allen Sapp
Indigenous Beasts by Nathan Sellyn
Sointula by Bill Gaston
Empress of Asia by Adam Lewis Schroeder
Drina Bridge by Jim Bartley
All the Way to Mexico by Norma M. Charles
The Traveller's Hat by Liza Potvin
Adrift by Julie Burtinshaw
A Reckless Moon by Dianne Warren
The Song Within My Heart by Ann Blades, John Considine, Nicholas Brown-Considine and allen Sapp
Mount Appetite by Bill Gaston
Gardens of Vancouver by Collin Varner and Christine Allen
The Sensualist by Wilhelm Emilsson and Barbara Hodgson
Hippolyte's Island by Barbara Hodgson
The Cameraman by Bill Gaston
Daughters are Forever by Lee Maracle