Signal Editions

Books Reviewed by Canadian Literature

What We Carry by Susan Glickman
Ship of Gold: The Essential Poems of Émile Nelligan by Émile Nelligan and Marc di Saverio
Sit How You Want by Robin Richardson
East and West by Laura Ritland
The Mulberry Men by David Solway
Based on Actual Events by Robert Moore
Table Manners by Catriona Wright
Stranger by Nyla Matuk
Dante's House by Richard Greene
Hooking by Mary Dalton
Gift Horse by Mark Callanan
The Crow's Vow by Susan Briscoe
Fielder's Choice by Elise Partridge
Calling Home by Richard Sanger
Penned by Simon Reader, Stephanie Bolster and Katia Grubisic
Animals of My Own Kind by Harry Thurston
Boxing the Compass by Richard Greene
Red Ledger by Mary Dalton
Mountain Tea by Peter Van Toorn
New and Selected Poems by Michael Harris
White Stone: The Alice Poems by Stephanie Bolster
Facts by Bruce Taylor
Ashbourn by John Reibetanz
Night Letters by Bill Furey
A Slow Light by Ross Leckie
Selected Poems by David Solway