Signature Editions

Books Reviewed by Canadian Literature

#IndianLovePoems by Tenille K. Campbell
After Light by Catherine Hunter
Ignite by Rona Shaffran
I Wasn't Always Like This by Shelley A. Leedahl
Ellipses by Andrea MacPherson
small flames by Dina E. Cox
Checkout Girl by Susan Zettell
Our Extraordinary Monsters by Vanessa Moeller
Imaginary Maps by Darrell Epp
Passenger Flight by Brian Campbell
Snow Formations by Carolyn Souaid
Continental Drifter by Dave Cameron
Moving Day by Terence Young
Released by Margaret MacPherson
Cherry Bites by Alison Preston
The Octopus and Other Poems by Jennica Harper
Walking on Water by Dave Carley
Away by Andrea MacPherson
Night Watch by Susan Zettell
Volta by Susan Gillis
The Setting Lake Sun by S.E. Stewart and J. R. Lévillé
Blood is Blood by Carolyn Marie Souaid and Endre Farkas