the apocalypse will begin

The Calypsonian

The Canadian Garden

The Cave in the Coals

The Comfort of Elders

The Curtain

The Death of a Taxpayer

the deer in her tracks

The Differential Diagnoses

the ever-imposing tendency towards occupation

The Fall of Paris

The Field Speaks of its Persistence

The Fox

The Gravel Pit

The Home of the Bewildered

The Language of Jasper

The Laying on of Hands

the longhouse

The Man in the Boot

The Mission House (Lunar New Year 1948)

The Ogre’s Yard

The Oracle

The People of the Grassy Don’t Have a Mercury Problem, They Have a Drinking Problem

The Piano Strings

The Powers of the Pawn

The Promise/Broken Land mediatation on Treaty Three

The RK Hornbook Retractions

The Ruins of Phylakopi

The Rules of the Kingdom

The Saning

The satisfaction of knowing

The Separation Mists

The silhouette of a pole on the shore of the Nass River

The Tasks

The thin walls of Japan

The View from Under the Bookcase

The Village of the Blind (India)

The waking

The Walls Are Too High

The Witch’s Motivation

The Wrong Question

there are hierarchies of grief

this half is for the ceremony

This is a Mining Town

This Is My Mother’s Camera

This Island

This Side of the Border

Three Rocks Jutting Up from Snow

Thumbing It


Tidying the Tower: the Lady of Shalott without Tennyson

To Carthage Then We Came

To Taenia at 8 and 1/2 Months

Too Late


Trails in His Head

Translated World


Trusting The Song

Trying to Feed the Baby


Two month adrift

Two Shots

Two Things Fought


Unable to Sway You, Father

Under the Stars, What a Wonderful World

Untitled (from Trois seconds où la Seine n’a pas coulé)

Up & Down Their Hill

Ursa Major the Great Bear


Vancouver 2018

Velocity Text

Venn Diagram



Volvo Stationwagon


Washington Irving.


What Can Be Named in Numbers Reassures


What Remains

What’s Good for General Motors

When the curious

where 10 people gather

Where are you from?

White Fruit

Why We Don’t Know

Wind Elegy


Woman of the Dunes

Wore Dresses

XX (from The Minutes)



You can put your fingers on the feelings

You have a lot on your mind

You vs Us: As If in a Quantum Entanglement

Zorgvlied, Amsterdam