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Current Issue: #220 Tracking CanLit (Spring 2014)

Canadian Literature’s Issue 220 (Spring 2014) is now available. The issue features a wide range of articles and book reviews as well as a selection of new Canadian poetry.

New book reviews are posted here as soon as they become available. Please note that there may be editing changes between their appearance in this section and their appearance in the print journal.

Rocky Seas, Safe Arbour

by Nicholas Bradley

Book(s) reviewed:
  1. Naked Trees by John Terpstra
  2. Paradoxides: Poems by Don McKay

Regional Threats

by Jan Lermitte

Book(s) reviewed:
  1. Cear Skies, No Wind, 100% Visibility by Théodora Armstrong
  2. The Tinsmith by Tim Bowling

Lorne Pierce's Legacy

by Gillian Dunks

Book(s) reviewed:
  1. Both Hands: A Life of Lorne Pierce of Ryerson Press by Sandra Campbell

Language Known/Unknown

by Lucia Lorenzi

Book(s) reviewed:
  1. Attack of the Copula Spiders by Douglas Glover
  2. Voluptuous Pleasure: The Truth About the Writing Life by Marianne Apostolides

L'abîme et le firmament

by Sylvain Brehm

Book(s) reviewed:
  1. Prendre acte by Andrée Yanacopoulo

Danger and Decorum

by Lorraine York

Book(s) reviewed:
  1. Sumptuary Laws by Nyla Matuk
  2. Sympathy Loophole by Jaime Forsythe

Excavating Childhood by Lexicon & Song

by Catherine Owen

Book(s) reviewed:
  1. Allegheny, BC by Rodney DeCroo
  2. Needs Improvement by Jon Paul Fiorentino

The Art of Losing

by Sara Jamieson

Book(s) reviewed:
  1. A Dark Boat by Patrick Friesen
  2. A Grain of Rice by Evelyn Lau
  3. Threading Light: Explorations in Loss and Poetry by Lorri Neilsen Glenn
  4. Wells by Jenna Butler

Evangelizing and Exploring

by Mark Diotte

Book(s) reviewed:
  1. Father August Brabant: Saviour of Scourge by Jim McDowell
  2. The Private Journal of Captain G. H. Richards: The Vancouver Island Survey (1860-1862) by Linda Dorricott and Deidre Cullon

Shifting Narratives in the Canadian Nation

by Beverley Haun

Book(s) reviewed:
  1. Canoe Nation: Nature, Rice, and the Making of a Canadian Icon by Bruce Erikson
  2. Mississauga Portraits: Ojibwe Voices from Nineteneth-Century Canada by Donald B. Smith

Overwhelmed by Memory

by Adrienne Kertzer

Book(s) reviewed:
  1. Lauren Yanofsky Hates the Holocaust by Leanne Lieberman
  2. We Are Their Voice: Young People Respond to the Holocaust by Kathy Kacer

Judith vs. Judy

by John Robert Colombo

Book(s) reviewed:
  1. Judith Merril: A Critical Study by Dianne Newell and Victoria Lamont

Poémes de l'Origine

by Stéphane Girard

Book(s) reviewed:
  1. Tant de Vie s'égare by Andrée Lacelle

Lamenting Ignorance

by Neta Gordon

Book(s) reviewed:
  1. Sanctioned Ignorance: The Politics of Knowledge Production and the Teaching of Literatures in Canada by Paul Martin

The Shape of Our Times

by Stephen Dunning

Book(s) reviewed:
  1. Fanatics by William Bell
  2. Ghost Moon by John Wilson
  3. The Edge of When by Carol Matas

Il était une fois . . .

by Benoît Melançon

Book(s) reviewed:
  1. Pomme S : (1984, Volume III) by Éric Plamondon

The "solid part"

by Jennifer Hardwick

Book(s) reviewed:
  1. Stories in a New Skin: Approaches to Inuit Literature by Keavy Martin
  2. The Mi’kmaq Anthology Volume 2: In Celebration of Rita Joe by Lesley Choyce, Theresa Meuse, and Julia Swan

Agency & Self-reflexivity

by Shazia Hafiz Ramji

Book(s) reviewed:
  1. Liquidities: Vancouver Poems Then and Now by Daphne Marlatt
  2. Testament by Dennis Lee
  3. The April Poems by Leon Rooke

Reading Magpie - Patrick Lane

by Louise Bernice Halfe

Book(s) reviewed:
  1. The Collected Poems of Patrick Lane by Russell Morton Brown and Donna Bennett

Buffy, Unmuffled

by Hilary Turner

Book(s) reviewed:
  1. The Heart Accepts it All: Selected Letters of John Glassco by Brian Busby

Feminist History Reconsidered: Gender, Activism, and Equity in Canada

by Sarah MacKenzie

Book(s) reviewed:
  1. Feminist History in Canada: News Essays on Women, Gender, Work, and Nation by Catherine Carstairs and Nancy Janovicek

Revisiting the Past

by Dee Horne

Book(s) reviewed:
  1. Dancing Lessons: A Novel by Olive Senior
  2. The Luminaries by Eleanor Catton

Juggling Ghosts

by Margaret Steffler

Book(s) reviewed:
  1. The Hungry Ghosts by Shyam Selvadurai
  2. The Juggler's Children: A Journey into Family, Legend, and the Genes that Bind Us by Carolyn Abraham

Agency & Self-reflexivity

by Shazia Hafiz Ramji

Book(s) reviewed:
  1. Liquidities: Vancouver Poems Then and Now by Daphne Marlatt
  2. Testament by Dennis Lee
  3. The April Poems by Leon Rooke

S/Tex(t)ual Transgression

by Ziyan Yang

Book(s) reviewed:
  1. Transgressive Transcripts: Gender and Sexuality in Contemporary Chinese Canadian Women's Writing by Bennett Yu-Hsiang Fu

Home and Garden

by Dale Tracy

Book(s) reviewed:
  1. Garden Plots: Canadian Women Writers and Their Literary Gardens by Shelley Boyd
  2. The Domestic Space Reader by Kathy Mezei and Chiara Briganti

Of Cowherds and Wagers: A Poetics of Chinese-Canadian Family Histories

by Irene Gammel

Book(s) reviewed:
  1. A Cowherd in Paradise: From China to Canada by May Q. Wong
  2. The Headmaster's Wager by Vincent Lam

The Revolution(ary) Left

by Gregory Betts

Book(s) reviewed:
  1. The Left in British Columbia: A History of Struggle by Gordon Hak
  2. To the Barricades by Stephen Collis

Growing Pains

by Alan Fletcher

Book(s) reviewed:
  1. Borrowed Body by Valerie Mason-John
  2. The Age by Nancy Lee

Making Stuff Mean Different Stuff

by Owen Percy

Book(s) reviewed:
  1. A Brief History of the Short-Lived by Chris Hutchinson
  2. Hooking by Mary Dalton
  3. This Isn't The Apocalypse We Hope For by Al Rempel

The Thin Gender Line

by Lourdes Arciniega

Book(s) reviewed:
  1. Blue Box by Carmen Aguirre
  2. The Book of Esther by Leanna Brodie

Body and Soul

by Shelley Scott

Book(s) reviewed:
  1. Drama: Pilot Episode by Karen Hines
  2. It is Solved by Walking by Catherine Banks
  3. Leave of Absence by Lucia Frangione

Canadian Theatre Quips

by Robin C. Whittaker

Book(s) reviewed:
  1. The Opening Act: Canadian Theatre History 1945-53 by Susan McNicoll

Game Plan

by Christiane Job

Book(s) reviewed:
  1. Game Plan by Karen L. Wall

Canadian Representations

by Nathalie Cooke

Book(s) reviewed:
  1. Margaret Atwood and the Labour of Literary Celebrity by Lorraine York
  2. Selves and Subjectivities: Reflections on Canadian Arts and Culture by Veronica Thompson and Manijeh Mannani

A Precarious Balance

by Robin McGrath

Book(s) reviewed:
  1. Ash Steps by M. Travis Lane
  2. Gift Horse by Mark Callanan
  3. Perfection by Patrick Warner
  4. The Port Inventory by Donald McGrath

The Children's Story

by Gordon Bölling

Book(s) reviewed:
  1. Canada by Richard Ford

"Ophélie hypermoderne"

by Marie-Andrée Bergeron

Book(s) reviewed:
  1. Les désastrées by Mélikah Abdelmoumen

After the Apple: Women and Power

by Anne Nothof

Book(s) reviewed:
  1. Maggie and Pierre & The Duchess by Linda Griffiths
  2. Penny Plain by Ronnie Burkett
  3. The Small Room at the Top of the Stairs/Thinking of Yu by Carole Fréchette and John Murrell

Elements of Craft

by Jim Johnstone

Book(s) reviewed:
  1. Afloat by John Reibetanz
  2. Birds, Metals, Stones, and Rain by Russell Thornton
  3. Meeting the Tormentors in Safeway by Alexandra Oliver
  4. Water Damage by Peter Norman

Stranger Debris

by Hannah McGregor

Book(s) reviewed:
  1. Inside by Alix Ohlin
  2. The Tale-Teller by Susan Glickman

(Un)Weaving CanLit

by Pilar Cuder-Domínguez

Book(s) reviewed:
  1. Unruly Penelopes and the Ghosts: Narratives of English Canada by Eva Darias-Beautell

Family, History, Place

by Jan Lermitte

Book(s) reviewed:
  1. Galaxy by Rachel Thompson
  2. I see my love more clearly from a distance by Nora Gould
  3. kiyâm by Naomi McIlwraith
  4. small flames by Dina E. Cox
  5. When the Earth by Lisa Young

Realism & Conceptualism

by Susan Gingell

Book(s) reviewed:
  1. In the Dog House by Wanda John-Kehewin
  2. Massacre Street by Paul Zits

Re(dis)covered Histories

by Sunny Chan

Book(s) reviewed:
  1. A Credit to Your Race by Truman Green
  2. Tears of Mehndi by Raminder Sidhu
  3. The Harem by Safia Fazlul

Munro's Narrative Art

by Chris Reyns-Chukuma

Book(s) reviewed:
  1. Alice Munro's Narrative Art by Isla Duncan

Partages des solitudes

by Louis-Serge Gill

Book(s) reviewed:
  1. Entre fleuve et rivière : correspondence entre Gabrielle Roy et Margaret Laurence by Paul Socken

Tu seras journaliste

by Mattieu Nöel

Book(s) reviewed:
  1. Tu seras journaliste : et autres œuvres sur le journalisme by Germaine Guèvremont

Le Pétrole sous l’angle de l’analyse du discours

by François-Emmanuel Boucher

Book(s) reviewed:
  1. L’Alberta autophage: Identités, mythes et discours du pétrole dans l’Ouest canadien by Dominique Perron

La digne mère

by Ariane Gibeau

Book(s) reviewed:
  1. La mauvaise mère by Marguerite Anderson

Wrighting the World

by Michael Roberson

Book(s) reviewed:
  1. Cosmographia: A Post-Lucretian Faux Micro-Epic by Michael Boughn
  2. Escape Velocity by Carmelita McGrath
  3. Internodes by Ken Belford

Defying Definition

by Erin Ramlo

Book(s) reviewed:
  1. unruly angels by Diane Buchanan
  2. V6A: Writing from Vancouver's Downtown Eastside by John Mikhail Asfour and Elee Kraljii Gardiner


by Jerry Wasserman

Book(s) reviewed:
  1. Performing Autobiography: Contemporary Canadian Drama by Jenn Stephenson
  2. The Emblems of James Reaney by Thomas Gerry

Marshalling a Humanist McLuhan

by Dan Adleman

Book(s) reviewed:
  1. Marshall McLuhan’s Mosaic: Probing the Literary Origins of Media Studies by Elena Lamberti


by W. H. New

Book(s) reviewed:

    Small Presses

    by George Woodcock

    Book(s) reviewed:


      by George Woodcock

      Book(s) reviewed:

        Back in That Skin Again

        by Joel Martineau

        Book(s) reviewed:
        1. The Macken Charm by Jack Hodgins

        Au-delà de l'hommage

        by Dominique Perron

        Book(s) reviewed:
        1. Actes du colloque international "Gabrielle Roy" by André Fauchon

        Found in Translation

        by Katharine Conley

        Book(s) reviewed:
        1. Paris Québec by Stephen Scobie, Marie Vautier, and Claudine Bertrand

        Dispelling the Shadows

        by Susan Gingell

        Book(s) reviewed:
        1. Dipped in Shadow by Claire Harris
        2. Fables from the Women's Quarters by Claire Harris
        3. The Conception of Winter by Claire Harris


        by George Woodcock

        Book(s) reviewed:
        1. A Trust Betrayed: The Keegsta Affair by David Berguson and Douglas Wertheimer


        by George Woodcock

        Book(s) reviewed:
        1. A Trust Betrayed: The Keegsta Affair by David Berguson and Douglas Wertheimer


        by Laurie Ricou

        Book(s) reviewed:

          Journey to the Inner Self

          by Stefan Haag

          Book(s) reviewed:
          1. An der Grenze: Reise nach Quyta Wissenschaftlicher by Helmut Markus

          Charting Indigenous Pasts and Futures

          by Keavy Martin

          Book(s) reviewed:
          1. Lines Drawn upon the Water: First Nations and the Great Lakes Borders and Borderlands by Karl S. Hele
          2. Where the Pavement Ends: Canada's Aboriginal Recovery Movement and the Urgent Need for Reconciliation by Marie Wadden

          Canada's Lagos?

          by Stephen Ney

          Book(s) reviewed:

            Canada's Lagos

            by Stephen Ney

            Book(s) reviewed:

              La polysémie de l'altérité

              by Jorge Calderón

              Book(s) reviewed:
              1. Altérité et insularité: Relations croisées dans les cultures francophone by Alessandra Ferraro
              2. L'Autre en mémoire by Dominique Laporte


              by W. H. New

              Book(s) reviewed:
              1. Contemporaire La Poésie Québécoise by Jean Royer

              Reference: 160

              by W. H. New

              Book(s) reviewed:

                Varied Voices

                by Darlene Shatford

                Book(s) reviewed:
                1. Shall: Ghazals by Catherine Owen
                2. The Octopus and Other Poems by Jennica Harper
                3. The Refrigerator Memory by Shannon Bramer

                Une femme de son temps

                by Mélanie Collado

                Book(s) reviewed:
                1. Louise Dupré: Le Québec au féminin by Anne-Marie Jézéquel

                Women Writing Women

                by A. Mary Murphy

                Book(s) reviewed:
                1. I Married the Klondike by Laura Beatrice Berton
                2. Literary Sisterhoods: Imagining Women Artists by Deborah Heller

                De l'espace et du temps

                by Emmanuel Bouchard

                Book(s) reviewed:
                1. L'étincelle suffit à la constellation by René Laubiès, Frédèric Benrath, Julius Baltazar, and Guy Cloutier
                2. La Grande Sortie by Pierre Raphaël Pelletier
                3. Sur le parvis des nuages by Marcil Cossette

                Cool Water May Just Break Your Heart

                by Lindy Ledohowski

                Book(s) reviewed:
                1. Cool Water by Dianne Warren


                by George Woodcock

                Book(s) reviewed:
                1. Piling Blood by Al Purdy

                Plain Talk and New Idioms

                by Glenn Deer

                Book(s) reviewed:
                1. Defying New Idioms and Alternative Forms of Expression by Eckhard Breitinger
                2. The Emperor's New Clothes: Literature, Literacy and the Ideology of Style by Kathryn T. Flannery

                Four Québec Novel(la)s

                by Dean J. Irvine

                Book(s) reviewed:
                1. Badass on a Softail by T. F. Rigelhof
                2. Impala by Daniel Sloate and Carole David
                3. Maude by Suzanne Jacob and Luise von Flowtow
                4. Stained Glass by Concetta Principe


                by George Woodcock

                Book(s) reviewed:
                1. A New Endeavor: Selected Political Essays, Letters, and Addresses by Michiel Horne

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