The CanLit Guides 2018 Collection: Chapter Spotlight — Diaspora Studies and Canadian Literature

An Immigration Canada stamp from Toronto, Ontario. By Scoelho86CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons.

Learn about “Diaspora Studies and Canadian Literature” in this informative CanLit Guides chapter by L. Camille van der Marel:

When traced to its Greek roots, the term “diaspora” means to scatter about, to disperse. Imagine dandelion seeds on the wind: this image is often used to introduce students to the concept of diaspora. Indeed, dandelion seeds are a common symbol for departments, journals (including Canadian Literature), book series, and conferences that specialize in or incorporate diaspora studies. Analyzing the image of dandelion seeds on the wind is a good way to begin thinking about the complexities and nuances that inform readings of diasporic literature.

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