• The Horrors: An A to Z of Funny Thoughts on Awful Things by Charles Demers
  • Bitter Rose by Martine Delvaux and David Homel

  • Yes, and Back Again by Sandy Marie Bonny
  • The Capacity for Infinite Happiness by Alexis von Konigslow
  • A Hero by Charlotte R. Mendel

  • The Hunter and the Wild Girl by Pauline Holdstock
  • Fifteen Dogs by André Alexis

  • What I Want to Tell Goes Like This by Matt Rader
  • And to Say Hello: Short Stories by Scott Randall

  • Traversing Leonard by Craig Savel
Review Fiction

  • Martin John by Anakana Shofield
  • Sleep by Nino Ricci

  • Twenty-One Cardinals by Jocelyne Saucier
  • Close to Hugh by Marina Endicott

  • Last of the Independents: Vancouver Noir by Sam Wiebe
  • The Wintermen by Brit Griffin

  • Midsummer by Carole Giangrande
  • Street Angel by Magie Dominic