• The Private Journal of Captain G. H. Richards: The Vancouver Island Survey (1860-1862) by Linda Dorricott and Deidre Cullon
  • Father August Brabant: Saviour or Scourge? by Jim McDowell

  • Nahanni Journals: R. M. Patterson’s 1927-1929 Journals by Raymond Murray Patterson and Richard C. Davis
  • Mountain Masculinity: The Life and Writing of Nello “Tex” Vernon-Wood in the Canadian Rockies 1906-1938 by Andrew Gow and Julie Rak
  • Northern Rover: The Life Story of Olaf Hanson by A. L. Karras and Olaf Hanson
Review Journals

  • Dried Flowers by Fred Cogswell
  • Ellipse 68 by Fred Cogswell
  • Ghosts by Fred Cogswell

  • Voix et images. La sociabilité littéraire 80 (2002) by Ursula Mathis-Moser
Review Journals

  • North: New African Canadian Writing, a Special Issue of West Coast Line: A Journal of Contemporary Writing and Criticism 22 (Spring/Summer 1997) by Peter Hudson
  • A Place Called Heaven: The Meaning of Being Black in Canada by Cecil Foster
  • Eyeing the North Star: Directions in African-Canadian Literature by George Elliott Clarke