• Kisses in the Whiskey by Peter Trower
Review Music

  • Hello … Hello by Karen Hines
  • Birthright by Constance Lindsay Skinner and Joan Bryans
  • Enoch Arden in the Hope Shelter by Judith Thompson

  • The Encyclopedia of Native Music: More Than a Century of Recordings from Wax Cylinder to the Internet by Brian Wright-McLeod

  • Désâmé by Patrice Desbiens
  • Grosse guitare rouge. Livre et disque audio-numérique, musique de René Lussier. by Patrice Desbiens
  • Libertés provisoires by Robert Dickson
Review Music

  • Once Upon a Time in Paradise: Canadians in the Golden Age of Hollywood by Charles Foster
  • The American Musical: History & Development by Peter H. Riddle

  • Québécité by George Elliott Clarke
Review Music

  • Intricate Preparations: Writing Leonard Cohen by Stephen Scobie
  • Uncommon Ground: A Celebration of Matt Cohen by Graeme Gibson, Wayne Grady, Dennis Lee and Priscila Uppal

  • A Picnic on Ice: Selected Poems by Matthew Sweeney
  • Calling Home by Richard Sanger
  • Fielder’s Choice by Elise Partridge
  • Helix: New and Selected Poems by John Steffler