• The Wonder by Emma Donoghue
Review Novel

  • Shooter by Caroline Pignat
  • Straight to the Head by Fraser Nixon
  • As Chimney Sweepers Come to Dust by Alan Bradley
Review Novel

  • The Woman Priest: A Translation of Sylvain Maréchal’s Novel, La femme abbé by Sylvain Maréchal
  • Breakneck by Nelly Arcan and Jacob Homel

  • Les corps extraterrestres by Pierre-Luc Landry

  • Loopholes by Showey Yazdanian
Review Novel

  • L’année la plus longue by Daniel Grenier

  • Guano by Louis Carmain and Rhonda Mullins
  • A Superior Man by Paul Yee

  • Le parfum de la tubéreuse by Élise Turcotte

  • Outline by Rachel Cusk
  • Fire in the Unnameable Country by Ghalib Islam
Review Fiction Novel

  • Yes, and Back Again by Sandy Marie Bonny
  • The Capacity for Infinite Happiness by Alexis von Konigslow
  • A Hero by Charlotte R. Mendel