• Bluesprint: Black British Columbian Literature and Orature by Wayde Compton
  • Kipligat’s Chance by David N. Odhiambo

  • Literary Value/Cultural Power: Verbal Arts in the Twenty-First Century by Lynette Hunter
  • How Our Lives Become Stories: Making Selves by Paul John Eakin

  • Suspended Conversations: The Afterlife of Memory in Photographic Albums by Martha Langford
  • The Mirror: A History by Sabine Melchior-Bonnet and Katherine H. Jewett

  • The Fortunes of Wangrin by Amadou Hampaté Bá and Aina Pavolini Taylor

  • Franz Boas: The Early Years, 1858-1906 by Douglas Cole

  • Once Upon a Kingdom: Myth, Hegemony, and Identity by Isidore Okpewho