• Braille Rainbow by Mike Barnes
  • New Brunswick by Shane Neilson
  • Wild Madder by Brenda Leifso
Review Poetry

  • Hymnswitch by Ali Blythe
  • Holy Wild by Gwen Benaway
  • For the Changing Moon: Poems and Songs by Anna Marie Sewell
Review Poetry

  • Fresh Pack of Smokes by Cassandra Blanchard
Review Poetry

  • Outside, America by Sarah de Leeuw
  • These Wings by Kim Fahner
  • Insomnia Bird: Edmonton Poems by Kelly Shepherd
Review Poetry

  • The Madrigal by Dian Day
  • The Year of My Disappearance by Carole David
  • Short Histories of Light by Aidan Chafe

  • Blueberries and Apricots by Natasha Kanapé Fontaine
  • Fox Haunts by Penn Kemp
Review Poetry

  • Obits by Tess Liem
  • The Supreme Orchestra by David Turgeon and Pablo Strauss
  • Not Extinct by Marilyn James, Taress Alexis and Tyler Toews

  • A Calendar of Reckoning by Dave Margoshes
  • Blackbird Song by Randy Lundy
  • Throwing the Diamond Hitch by Emily Ursuliak
Review Poetry

  • Reunion by Deanna Young
  • How to Avoid Huge Ships by Julie Bruck
  • Quarrels by Eve Joseph
Review Poetry

  • What Your Hands Have Done by Chris Bailey
  • The Book of Sensations by Sheri-D Wilson
Review Poetry