• Dictionnaire des œuvres littéraires de l’Acadie des Maritimes du XXe siècle by Maurice Raymond and Janine Gallant

  • The Qwerty Institute: Annual Report by Angela Szczepaniak
  • Conflict by Christine McNair
  • repeater by Andrew McEwan
  • IKMQ by Roger Farr

  • Medallions of Belief by Fred Wah
  • restless white fields by Barbara Langhorst
  • Distillō by Basma Kavanagh
  • Form of Forms by Mark Goldstein
  • Methodist Hatchet by Ken Babstock

  • Vox Humana by E. Alex Pierce
  • Redemption Rain by Jennifer Rahim
  • A Page from the Wonders of Life on Earth by Stephanie Bolster
Review Poetry

  • La voix et l’os: Imaginaire de l’ascèse chez Saint-Denys Garneau et Samuel Beckett by Frédérique Bernier