• Robert Kroetsch: Essays on His Works by Nicole Markotić
Review Essays Poetry

  • Stray by Allison LaSorda
  • Paint, Poet, Mountain: After Cézanne by Susan McCaslin
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  • Sleeping in Tall Grass by Richard Therrien
  • This Poem Is a House by Ken Sparling
  • Mockingbird by Derek Webster

  • for love and autonomy by Anahita Jamali Rad
  • #IndianLovePoems by Tenille K. Campbell

  • What the Soul Doesn’t Want by Lorna Crozier
  • Thin Air of the Knowable by Wendy Donawa
  • The Analyst by Molly Peacock

  • Bad Ideas by Michael V. Smith
  • Other Houses by Kate Cayley
  • If I Were in a Cage I’d Reach Out for You by Adèle Barclay

  • Table Manners by Catriona Wright
  • The Holy Nothing by Jessica Hiemstra
  • After Hours by Darrell Epp
Review Poetry

  • My Life Without Me by Pier Giorgio Di Cicco
  • Knots by Edward Carson
  • Human Tissue by Weyman Chan
  • All of Us Reticent, Here, Together by Stephen Brockwell
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  • Common Place by Sarah Pinder
  • There Is No Escape Out of Time by Jacqueline Valencia
  • Arguments for Lawn Chairs by Aaron Kreuter
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