• Flightpaths: The Lost Journals of Amelia Earhart by Heidi Greco
  • Defending Darkness by Pamela Porter
  • The Long Walk by Jan Zwicky
Review Poetry

  • Whatever, Iceberg by Tara-Michelle Ziniuk
  • Same Diff by Donato Mancini
Review Poetry

  • If Pressed by Andrew McEwan
  • Better Nature by Fenn Stewart
Review Poetry

  • Landfall by Joe Denham
  • A tattered coat upon a stick by Christopher Levenson
  • Siren by Kateri Lanthier
Review Poetry

  • Beautiful Children with Pet Foxes by Jennifer LoveGrove
  • Feel Happier in Nine Seconds by Linda Besner
Review Poetry

  • The Celery Forest by Catherine Graham
  • Into the Open: Poems New and Selected by Susan McCaslin
  • In Your Words: Translations from the Yiddish and the Hebrew by Seymour Mayne
  • Kids in Triage by Kilby Smith-McGregor
Review Poetry

  • breathing at dusk by Beth Goobie
  • Late Style by Barry Dempster
  • A Temporary Stranger by Jamie Reid
Review Poetry

  • The Essential John Reibetanz by John Reibetanz and Jeffrey Donaldson
  • Space Between Her Lips: The Poetry of Margaret Christakos by Margaret Christakos and Gregory Betts
  • Certain Details: The Poetry of Nelson Ball by Nelson Ball and Stuart Ross
Review Poetry

  • Trailer Park Elegy by Cornelia Hoogland
  • Silvija by Sandra Ridley
  • Selah by Nora Gould

  • On Shaving Off His Face by Shane Neilson
  • Dysphoria by Shane Neilson
  • Complete Physical by Shane Neilson