• The Anglican Church from the Bay to the Rockies by T. C. B. Boon
Review Religion

  • The Time Before This by Nicholas Monsarrat

  • Politics and Religion in Seventeenth-Century France: A Study of Political Ideas from the Monarchomachs to Bayle, as Reflected in the Toleration Controversy by W. J. Stankiewicz

  • Challenge and Response by Chalmers & Irvine
Review Religion

  • The Ethical Idealism of Matthew Arnold by William Robbins

  • Northrop Frye’s Writings on Shakespeare and the Renaissance. Vol. 28 by Garry Sherbert and Troni Y. Grande

  • La voix et l’os: Imaginaire de l’ascèse chez Saint-Denys Garneau et Samuel Beckett by Frédérique Bernier