An Absence of Team Spirit

Now starts to mean then
the moment it’s written down.
(You completed all their forms two weeks ago.)

You send them a cheerful first-thing email,
followed by a crisp but pleasant lunchtime
voicemail. How much can you afford to care?

There seems to be an organic relationship between
a line’s rhythm as measured by the breath pattern
involved in speaking it, and the emotional impact

of that line: Making the team,
then making it win: low self-esteem
sure beats chagrin.

So much of what we hope we want
has no need of us. The parts of the fishhook:
eye, shank, bend, point, barb, gap and throat.

The spaces between cutthroat numbers.
Last, lest, list, lost, lust. Prosperity
through repression.

Not a single Taliban prisoner turned over
by Canadian Forces,
the Defence Minister says,
can be proven to have been abused.

Meanwhile, it’s 5:03, Mr. Retread. At a cartoon
crossroads, two portly snails commiserate about
speeding tortoises coming out of nowhere—

This poem “An Absence of Team Spirit” originally appeared in Canadian Literature 214 (Autumn 2012): 90.

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