Club Med

Tomorrow I’ll pack up and go to Paradise
and there, among pelicans and fishingboats,
watch the beautiful people at their trades:
androgynes, glistening with sunscreen,
spreadeagled on the stones;
tanned young nymphs behind their visors,
mirror-lenses flashing like fish;
even bucket-laden serving maids
at their customary aspersions.

Tomorrow I’ll pack up and go to Paradise
and there, between the biscuit bush and bongo tree,
give my nerves a long-needed rest.
I’ll take a book with me, a pen, some paper,
or find some odalisque to pass the time.
It’s easier than you think to shed your skin
once past the jet lag, as Epicurus tried to show,
between the airport and the dark casino.

Questions and Answers

What inspired “Club Med”?

Quite simply, it was a sense of dissatisfaction with the island on which I was living at the time, that is to say, reality.

What poetic techniques did you use in “Club Med”?

It started out as a sonnet and finished as something els

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