For Christian Bök

a rote zygote joke, yolkative
rubycon, a vivipartisan

sonburn, a vulvacuous orb,
cannalclaw rue, era

roblation, eyeshore seawall
mhyrrmur, ashbrown

adam kindel, i.e. ceded
fact, unearthen heat,

vagabond of marrage,
blitzleague usurppers,

ovheirspill levellerr, bliss
tared slilvhiermare,

bhurried copses, codoned
note n’ tin fib egging

ontofat, spat fen,
essence’s census,

vinyl spirits, essayed
anihima, ediface tar,

stoulen void, etymolested
DD mammicry, copied

rope, copied nooserib,
grim aura,

noosecyte yarn, haruspectacle
vine, gemclone

plasma, grey dais, uí
riddle residew,

donor dryad ovum,
sodslur lysis


* errogatio is a perfect anagram of “Veils” from Eunoia by Christian Bök

Questions and Answers

What did you find particularly challenging in writing this poem?

The present poem is a perfect anagram of the poem “Veils” from Eunoia by Christian Bök (including the poem’s title, body and dedication). As such, the particular challenge I faced in writing this poem was composing a meaningful narrative using only the permuted letters of the original poem off which it was based.

This poem “errorgatio*” originally appeared in 60th Anniversary Spec. issue of Canadian Literature 239 (2019): 85-86.

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