January 28, 1986

There’s George. Where does she come up George? Yeah but where does it come up? I think you need to be over there. There it goes I see it in-between the trees. There it is coming right over top the trees. Uh huh it be right on top of those trees. I saw it. There it goes. That’s brighter than usual. Yeah. It is. Oh yeah. Right over those trees. I saw it when it went through that hole. I don’t remember it being that bright, that big. Me neither. What was that part? it must be part of one of them boosters. Oh look, there’s two. It’s going off into two. That trouble or not? They’re not having trouble are they? That’s trouble some kind George. That’s trouble of some kind, innit it or not? There it goes again. I think I’ll go in and listen. They got troubles. No that’s trouble of some kind George. That’s trouble of some kind. That doesn’t look right. Yeah, I haven’t either. Its not as bad as it was. I don’t know, it sure didn’t look right. It what? Exploded? What? Said it exploded? Boy I knew it didn’t look right. You could tell. Theres some trouble all right. That’s sorta a historical moment we got here on tape I guess. Hope we got it on tape, lets see what happens.

This poem “January 28, 1986” originally appeared in Canadian Literature 212 (Spring 2012): 49.

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