Memory II: Clouds

Particle physics explains the little things,
like how two clouds of probability
can never touch; there is no unifying
theory to stop a hand touching
its own skin, trying not to, kept on a leash
to make sure it doesn’t get too close, yet
the context of this love makes me
weary, grazes me, puts me
a little on edge.

In a large iron pan one day you made the sun:
a simmering orb bursting thickly its scarlet
tomato lava, indistinct with heat, setting
our eyes aglow. Cover it with a lid
so it doesn’t dry out.

Outside in the clinging pall
knuckled and gnarled I’ll blow
the damp off my lips, aggressively
pruning lavender in soaking denim
fingernails to the weight of my kisses
on your face.

Questions and Answers

What inspired “Memory II: Clouds”?

Gardening in the rain while angry. A few lines came right away, and the rest took time.

What poetic techniques did you use in “Memory II: Clouds”?

It’s an uneasy feeling to analyse my own writing in public. Generally, I tend to be fascinated with metaphor, and with the ways that metaphor can create relationships between things.

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