Neo-Baroque Configurations in Contemporary Canadian Digital Poetics


This paper acknowledges a history of innovative digital poetics in Canada, and a breadth of practitioners over the past century including the Automatistes, Norman McLaren, Herman Voaden, Hugh LeCaine, among others. Applying views of thinkers such as Deleuze, Baudrillard, McLuhan, Kristeva, and Aarseth, this paper offers a neo-Baroque analysis of contemporary artist/writers such as Nicole Brossard, Vera Frenkel, Robert Lepage, Janet Cardiff & George Büres Miller, who are investigating digital technology, electronic audio systems, guerilla-video, and inter-media hybrids.

This article “Neo-Baroque Configurations in Contemporary Canadian Digital Poetics” originally appeared in 21st-Century Poetics. Spec. issue of Canadian Literature 210-211 (Autumn/Winter 2011): 135-151.

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