Poem at Large

An anonymous space I claim–
You claim

Being who we are–
As we traverse together

What keeps unfolding–
Not denying or changing

Leaves falling to the ground–
What conspires against us

The mercury level rising–
A simple text’s message

To behold or admire–
What I will bear up to

With each new image–
What I hope to summon

Unheralded again–
Being who we really are

Since the beginning–
Anonymous I tell you

Sotto voce

Questions and Answers

How did I write, edit and refine “Poem at Large”—and, what were the challenging aspects?

The poem came to me initially as an image, I think, of what can be almost everywhere—to all readers at once—without giving away its meaning, and with every reader interpreting it in his or her own special away. This is the versatility behind this poem. In a sense it is a minimalist poem as I conceived it and began writing a first draft, then a second draft, and a third draft, and so on. I refined it by choosing each word carefully, and the enjambment and lineation I kept revisiting with each draft that I wrote. Punctuation associated with each word was a special challenge. In the end I hoped for an organic meaning to be behind “Poem at Large” in its short, tight form towards giving it its appeal and heightened meaning (I hope).

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