Richard Outram and Barbara Howard’s Gauntlet Press: Expanding into the World


This paper looks at the output of the Gauntlet Press, a poetic and artistic collaboration between Canadian poet Richard Outram and Canadian artist Barbara Howard. The paper outlines the history of the press, highlighting key publications in both its handpress and electronic phases. It looks at Gauntlet Press works in the context of both Outram’s trade publications and the Canadian publishing scene of the time. It examines the role the Gauntlet Press played in sustaining Outram’s career, arguing that this self-publishing venture of primarily artistic impetus took on the secondary task of cultivating an influential readership for his poetry.

This article “Richard Outram and Barbara Howard’s Gauntlet Press: Expanding into the World” originally appeared in Gendering the Archive. Spec. issue of Canadian Literature 217 (Summer 2013): 88-101.

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