th nite is full uv zanee blessings


Questions and Answers


Is there a specific moment that inspired you to pursue poetry?

my mothrs passing inspird me 2 write my
first pome  deth deth n mor deth

What inspired or motivated you to write this poem?

ths partikular pome i wrote aftr third eye
surgeree 1 nite in rkovree i cudint sleep anee
mor on th left side with my hed up on pillows
4 up 2 twentee hours a day with wundrful gass bubbuls in my eye n i wantid 2 write abt th
wundrfulness uv th nite 2 affirm 2 myself i cud
still write n feel great evn tho i cudint c veree
well  i did rkovr ium veree luckee

This poem “th nite is full uv zanee blessings” originally appeared in Concepts of Vancouver: Poetics, Art, Media Spec. issue of Canadian Literature 235 (Winter 2017): 49-50.

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