That part of driving

reading John Berryman
thinking John Thompson
hay to Boston
the Big Stop
girl with red hair
and breasts
and the boy who lit the fire on the marsh.
Primordial forest
up it goes in
mutiny of bird din
hubbub chatter mute
and a tent
and your ghazals
and guns
and spatulate fingers.
Beer soaked ha
the Vautours and
a party in the Wandlyn
and how I can never
place the second river
or which is the prettier
of the two humps,
La Planche or Aulac.
Also, Fort Beausejour-
hated the way she said that.

This poem “That part of driving” originally appeared in Emerging Scholars 2. Spec. issue of Canadian Literature 228-229 (Spring/Summer 2016): 110.

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