The Oracle

“The wise prince makes decisive changes, new
succeeds upon the old.” Sweet Chinese.
“It is the barren womb that fructifies,
a lineage shall arise.” Good Hebrew.
“The warrior shall sacrifice the past,
his wound be his acquittal.” Sly Greek.
What was it the oracle meant to speak?
In choice of wives, next time you sit and cast

the coins, the yarrow stalks, the cards, the dice,
the twigs upon the fire, beware of too
infatuate a trust in destiny
or fate. The oracle is mischievous.
Was it to leave the old wife for the new,
or yield the first her newfound mastery?

Questions and Answers

What poetic techniques did you use in “The Oracle”?

It’s a rhyme-variant of the Petrarchan sonnet.

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