Canadian Literature Student Award

Support Undergrad and Graduate Students at Canadian Literature

Web_Image_Students at Woodcock Celebration

(Left to Right) Karen Correia Da Silva, Christy Fong, Mike Borkent, Beth Veitch, and Alissa McArthur at the Woodcock Celebration

We are particularly proud of the annual Canadian Literature Student Award (est. 2005), which awards an Arts Co-op student a one-year paid editorial internship at our journal. This award allows Canadian Literature to financially support Arts students and give them the opportunity to enhance their knowledge of Canadian literature, and to acquire practical experience in publishing, research, editing, and writing. The award helps us nurture and mentor upcoming young editors with a special expertise in the field of Canadian literature and publishing. Recently, this award has been expanded to assist graduate students who are working on CanLit Guides, an online teaching and learning resource. CanLit Guides allows graduate students the opportunity to develop and edit content in a collaborative environment and receive feedback from professors and editors in the field.

Recipients of the Canadian Literature Student Award

Past Canadian Literature Co-op Students

  • Doug Giles
  • Kristin McHale
  • Nicole Maunsell
  • Robert Parungao
  • Russell Aquino
  • Fayza Bundalli
  • Cathy Miyagi
  • Nicki Shidmehr

Graduate Students Supported by Canadian Literature

  • Sharon Engbrecht
  • Sarah-Nelle Jackson
  • Sheila Griffin
  • Brendan McCormack
  • Scott Inniss
CanLit Guides
  • Mike Borkent
  • Sonnet L’Abbé
  • Jean Marie-Gérald