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Reconciling Treaty Relations
By Cheryl Suzack
Published in Lost and Found Spec. issue of Canadian Literature 236 (2018): 120-121.
  • The Right Relationship: Reimagining the Implementation of Historical Treaties by John Borrows (Editor) and Michael Coyle (Editor)
Bloodlines, Stories, and Invented Identities
By Cheryl Suzack
Published in Women & the Politics of Memory. Spec. issue of Canadian Literature 186 (Autumn 2005): 108-110.
  • Native Poetry in Canada: A Contemporary Anthology by Jeannette C. Armstrong (Editor) and Lally Grauer (Editor)
  • Skins: Contemporary Indigenous Writing by Kateri Akiwenzie-Damm (Editor) and Josie Douglas (Editor)

Book Reviews of Cheryl Suzack's Works

Indigenous Women and Feminism: Politics, Activism, Culture
By Jean Barman, Jeanne Perreault, Cheryl Suzack and Shari M. Huhndorf
Reviewed in Indians, Women, and War by Lindsey Catherine Cornum
Reasoning Together: The Native Critics Collective
By Janice Acoose, Lisa Brooks, Tol Foster, LeAnne Howe, Daniel Heath Justice, Philip Carroll Morgan, Kimberley Roppolo, Christopher B. Teuton, Sean Teuton and Robert Warrior
Reviewed in A Feast of Literature and a Helping of Literary Criticism by Niigonwedom J. Sinclair