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David Zieroth’s most recent book of poetry is The Fly in Autumn (Harbour, 2009)He has also published The Village of Sliding Time (Harbour, 2006) and Crows Do Not Have Retirement (Harbour, 2001), poems, and a memoir, The Education of Mr. Whippoorwill: A Country Boyhood (Macfarlane Walter & Ross, 2002). He won the Dorothy Livesay Poetry Prize for How I Joined Humanity at Last (Harbour, 1998). Berlin Album, a chapbook, was released from Rubicon Press in 2009. His poetry has appeared in dozens of anthologies, and he taught at Douglas College in New Westminster, BC, for twenty-five years before retiring and founding The Alfred Gustav Press, a micro press for publishing poetry. Born in Neepawa, Manitoba, he lives in North Vancouver, BC. More information can be read at www.davidzieroth.com.

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When asked about my writing, I am sometimes reminded of this comment by Michael Ondatjee’s in Transitions III: Poetry (CommCept Publishing, 1978): “What I believed or felt when I wrote these poems is obviously not what I believe or feel now. One little nuance, one little image, and everything changes.”

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