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Two Takes on Jonny Appleseed
By Dallas Hunt, Jennifer Hardwick and Amei-lee Laboucan
Published in web format on Canadian Literature‘s website. (Pending print publication.): 126-127.
  • Jonny Appleseed by Joshua Whitehead
The "solid part"
By Jennifer Hardwick
Published in Science & Canadian Literature. Spec. issue of Canadian Literature 221 (Summer 2014): 167-69.
  • The Mi’kmaq Anthology Volume 2: In Celebration of Rita Joe by Lesley Choyce (Editor), Theresa Meuse (Editor) and Julia Swan (Editor)
  • Stories in a New Skin: Approaches to Inuit Literature by Keavy Martin
Reading Masculinity
By Jennifer Hardwick
Published in Canadian Literature 216 (Spring 2013): 143-45.
  • Facing the Hunter: Reflections on a Misunderstood Way of Life by David Adams Richards
  • Making It Like a Man: Canadian Masculinities in Practice by Christine Ramsay (Editor)
  • Toby: A Man by Todd Babiak