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Mapping Native Lives
By Jennifer Kramer
Published in Women & the Politics of Memory. Spec. issue of Canadian Literature 186 (Autumn 2005): 136-138.
  • Songhees Pictorial: A History of the Songhees People as seen by Outsiders, 1790–1912 by Grant Keddie
  • Lelooska: The Life of a Northwest Coast Artist by Chris Friday
First Nations Identity
By Jennifer Kramer
Published in First Nations Writing. Spec. issue of Canadian Literature 167 (Winter 2000): 126-129.
  • The Star-Man and Other Tales by Basil H. Johnston and Jonas George (Wah-sa-ghe-zik)
  • Privileging the Past: Reconstructing History in Northwest Coast Art by Judith Ostrowitz
  • The Trickster Shift: Humour and Irony in Contemporary Native Art by Allan J. Rayan
  • What's the Most Beautiful Thing You Know About Horses? by Richard Van Camp and George Littlechild
  • Mythic Beings: Spirit Art of the Northwest Coast by Gary Wyatt