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Faux Fifties
By John Orange
Published in Canadian Literature 173 (Summer 2002): 118-120.
  • Gloria by Keith Maillard
  • Magic Time by W. P. Kinsella
  • Piccolo Mondo by George Bowering, Angela Bowering, Michael Matthews and David Bromige
  • Restless by Stan Rogal
Writing 2K
By John Orange
Published in Canadian Literature 169 (Summer 2001): 126-127.
  • On the Threshold: Writing Toward the Year 2000 by T. Anne Archer et al. (Editor)
  • Turn of the Story: Canadian Short Fiction on the Eve of the Millennium by Joan Thomas (Editor) and Heidi Harms (Editor)
Two for the Record
By John Orange
Published in Remembering the Sixties. Spec. issue of Canadian Literature 152-153 (Spring/Summer 1997): 237-239.
  • Dear Marian, Dear Hugh by Christl Verduyn (Editor)
  • Pursuits Amateur and Academic: The Selected Prose of E.J. Pratt by Susan Gingell (Editor)

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